How it works for Schools

Are you looking for a great maths intervention programme?

There are many maths intervention strategies available and 123maths gives you all the benefits you need. As a school, you can take a 30 day free trial for up to 10 users.  Highly structured support and progress you can easily monitor.

Add your users and decide which books that you want them to work through.  Each user will be provided with a unique username and password. You will be able to view the reports of their progress, which includes details of incorrect answers.

Teachers are able to leave comments for users, which they’ll see when they next log on to the site. They can set assessments and print the results and also set targets for individual users.

We offer schools an annual subscription which gives each user access to all of our books for a year. You can re-allocate a user once someone has completed their books. Therefore you can always have 10 active users should you subscribe for 10 users.

How 123maths helps schools…

Plans and records your one-to-one support

Pupils gain confidence and skills

It boosts mental maths

Pupils are able to access fuller maths curriculum

Maximum output for minimum staff input

“We really like using the Time and Times Tables books, the fact that the programme uses different words for ‘times’ and ‘divide’ helps the students to get used to different vocabulary.”

Bishop Stopford C of E School