About 123maths

123maths is an online resource and learning tool for children, parents and schools. Accompanying our series of 4 maths books 123maths offers a guided online maths learning experience that is proven to work in improving pupils maths skills.

Plus 1

The introductory book of the series. Plus 1 teaches all the building blocks of numbers, and begins to develop  skills with mental calculations.

Suitable for

Those that benefit from extra-support to get their maths foundations in place.  Plus 1 ensures everyone has a solid base on which to build.

Power of 2

This book begins with teaching number bonds to 10, and then moves on to introducing doubling, halving, addition and subtraction, rounding numbers, multiplying and dividing. It then introduces fractions and looks at worded problems and time. The book is essentially about putting in place the building blocks of number and developing skills with mental calculations.

Suitable for

Those who are about 8 years old and upwards who have gaps in their knowledge and need structured support to make progress.

Perform with Time

This book allows anyone to develop their ability to work with time and is essentially about giving students the skills to deal with time in everyday situations.

Suitable for

Those aged 9+ who need a structured program to help with telling the time and working out questions to do with time.

Perform with Times Tables

Takes an unusual twist on learning times tables using the same successful formula as our other books – the over-learning principle. The book supports students who have struggled to pick up learning their times-tables facts.  It is not intended to teach the facts to someone meeting them for the first time.

Suitable for

Those who need extra support with learning multiplication and division facts.  Ideal for those aged 8+ who benefit from a different way of learning.

Who’s behind 123maths?

Hello, I’m David.  I set up 123maths to help those that needed extra support with their basic maths skills. I’m a qualified maths teacher and author. I believe that getting the foundations right is essential.

123maths.co.uk is based on an important principle: that some people benefit from more practice than others.

This online program is based on our successful books.  123maths gives access to each of our ‘books’ and it teaches all the building blocks of number.

“123maths has had a huge impact.  It’s a lovely session, the children are working independently and quietly.”

St George’s CE Primary School, Essex.


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