Great educational games – our top picks for Christmas

Great educational games – our top picks for Christmas

Games are a great fun way to build on learning, and will complement and enhance your 123maths program.

Here are our top ten educational games for your Christmas shopping list.

PLYT – a fast paced numeracy game pitting players of all ages and abilities against each other in a race to the centre square.

Maths Mat – Imagine Twister crossed with a calculator, and you’ve got the idea! Answer maths questions by stepping on the correct answer.

Yahtzee – strategic dice game for all the family. Great for long journeys!

Tell the Time Pirate Clock Puzzle – Two activities in one! Build the puzzle, then move the hands to point to the time. Simple but effective.

The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game  – Help the squirrel fill his stump with coloured acorns – children will love practising colour matching and using the “squirrel squeezer” tweezers to pick up acorns.

City of Zombies – a fast, fun team game where players work together & use their brains to survive!

Shut The Box – a simple classic that a child can play by themselves. Throw the dice, then add up the numbers to decide which box you need to shut.

10 Little Hedgehogs – let these well-loved creatures encourage your child to make mathematical discoveries about numbers, shapes and measures.

Auntie Pasta’s Fraction Game – fill your pizza pan with different sized slices to complete the circle.

Zeus on the Loose – quick counting strategy game that improves simple mental maths.